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Important Equipment You Need to Play a Beyblade Game

Being a parent is a big responsibility to shoulder, and every parent wants to give the best parenting to their child. If your child is naughty and doesn’t let you focus on your job, you should read this post that talks about Beyblade toys that you can buy for them. These toys have something that will attract the attention of your child and teach many things to them.

When your child has Beyblade toys with them, you no longer need to worry about them as these toys keep them engaged. They will constantly think about ways of winning Beyblade games. Hence, you can buy these toys for them and focus on your job without worrying about your kids.

Let’s discuss the equipment you need to play a Beyblade game.

  • Beyblade Tops

A Beyblade top is a major piece of equipment to play a Beyblade game as it is the equipment that decides the fate of win or loss. When it about Beyblade tops, there is a huge variety of tops available and you can choose among the available options depending on what you like.

The Beyblades are divided into four categories stamina, attack, defense, and balance.

  • Beystadium

The Beystadium is actually the place where the battle happens. There are different types of Beyblade stadiums, and the outcome of a Beyblade contest is dependent on the shape of the stadium. Some Beyblade stadiums have pits at the corners, while some have pits in the center. A Beyblade stadium is also called a Beyblade arena.

If you want to have the best Beyblade burst stadium, it is advised to search various online retailers and check the reviews of people. Choose a Beystadium that doesn’t get a single negative review, which is a sign that it is the best.

beyblade launcher for sale

  • Beyblade Launcher

A Beyblade launcher is equipment that is used to launch a Beyblade top into the Beyblade stadium. It is not mandatory to launch a Beyblade top using a launcher, as you can launch it with bare hands. However, you will not achieve the speed with bare hands. So it is advised to launch the Beyblade top using a Beyblade launcher.

Even you can use more than one Beyblade launcher to launch a Beyblade into the Beyblade stadium. To do this, you can attach one launcher to another and rip the top using it. This will help you achieve a high speed that will take you close to winning the game.

Conclusion: Beyblade games are fun and, at the same time, teach your child to focus. In this post, we have discussed the equipment that one needs to have to play a Beyblade game. If you want to buy Beyblade toys for your child and are looking for an online retailer, you can visit BuyBeyblades, where you will find the best Beyblade toys at discounted prices.

Tips That Will Make You A Pro At Beyblade Game

Tips That Will Make You A Pro At Beyblade Game

If you love the game of Beyblades and you must know that it is inspired by a Japanese anime franchise named 'Beyblades.' In this anime series, the story revolves around the players who use their Beyblades to battle with each other. It is surprisingly a very engaging anime series. Thus, seeing the popularity of the series, the spinning-top toys developed by Takara were released in Japan in July 1999, along with its debut series.

This famous anime series released many successful seasons, and its success led to an increase in the sale of Beyblade metal masters online. There are many interesting facts about this series that only die-hard fans would know.

  • Avatars residing in the Tops

  • The' Beyblade' series is not just about seeing two spinning tops bumping into each other. There are also spirits or avatars residing in the Beyblades, and they battle with one another.

    These spirits boost up the intensity of the entire anime and make viewers curious about what super-power the spirit has.


    • 'Ray Kon' always lost the first Match.

    Ray Kon is the main team member of the team "Bladebreakers' and his spinning top had the spirit animal, a white tiger, known as Driger. He was Beyblade metal masters and performed well, and had a lot of winning under his belt. However, he lost his first match of the season.


    • Aiger Broke the Tradition 

    The cast was changed in every season, but in all this, the series managed to keep one thing common for all protagonists that they used the attacker type Beyblade. 

    However, this changed when the main lead of 'Beyblade Burst Turbo,' Aiger Akabane, broke the tread using the balance type Beyblade. Aiger is also one of the most famous protagonists of the anime series.

    • Max Tate's Weird Eating Habits

    In the entire series of 'Beyblades,' there was only one American, Max Tate, with blond hair. He was a member of the 'blade breakers' team. He was the owner of spirit Draciel and had a very easy-going and cheerful personality.

    However, he had a very weird obsession with noodles and mustard. He ate the noodles by adding mustard to them and encouraged others to try it out. 

    TAKARA TOMY Ray Gil 100RSF Metal Masters Beyblade BB-91

    • Bit-Beast is inspired by Chinese Mythology 

    As I have already told you, the spinning tops consisted of the spirits or, as they were called in the series 'Bit-Beasts.' It consisted of a dragon called Dragoon, a phoenix named Dranzer, a tiger known as Driger, and a turtle called Draciel. However, these dragons were highly inspired by Chinese mythology.

    The Bladebreakers Bit-Beasts are based on the four symbols in the Chinese conversations, consisting of an azure dragon, a white tiger, a red bird, and a black tortoise, that were said to be guardians of the world.

    So, these were the top 5 fun facts about the Beyblades anime series what is even more fun than you can purchase these spinning toys and experience the world of Beyblades battles! 

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