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It's completely real, and I'll get another one soon to add to my collection.

It's a real beyblade, and I really like its design, looks strong.

My grandson really enjoyed it. He's the best in the neighborhood with this beyblade. It's a bit bigger than the ones you find at Walmart.

This bey is fantastic! I really, really like it, and it's my top favorite among all the ones I have. And guess what? It's the real deal!

I think the stadium is super nice and cool, and I'd give it an A+++ rating

The price is reasonable, and it's way less expensive than buying it in a store. It's a good choice for kids, not to mention it's also a real Takara Tomy bey.

My son really likes them. He was super happy.

This beyblade is awesome for tournaments because it's really good at everything and can steal spins really well

I bought this for my 8-year-old, and he's really happy and loves it. I feel like I got a good deal. Thanks!

Playing with it was enjoyable. It came in a good package, and I don't have any complaints.

It's really tough, and it's also genuine Takara Tomy.

This beyblade is awesome, a bit pricey but still, it's really cool.

It looks exactly like what they described, and it's a good deal for the price.

It's a genuine Takara Tomy beyblade, and it's worth the money.

My grandsons enjoy these. I bought this set so they can play together. It's tough and simple to put together.

Obviously a real Takara Tomy beyblade, looks and feels durable, I'm happy with my purchase.

I was amazed at how good this Beyblade is. It spins really well and stays balanced nicely.

The delivery was fantastic, and the item arrived in perfect condition, brand new.

The Beyblade arrived on schedule without any problems. The kids have been playing with them every day.

It's really good, and I like the small parts and the defense it has. Thumbs up!

My 9-year-old thinks this beyblade is really awesome and authentic.

I bought this Beyblade for my kids so they can play together and stay away from screens.

My son really enjoys these and plays with them every day with his friends. He uses them for playing, and it seems durable This Beyblades is great.

This arena is bigger than it looks, and it's a good deal for its cost.

My son really enjoyed his Beyblades; he thought this one was genuine. Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase.

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