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    Ultimate Beyblade Blog

    Top 10 Tips & Tricks to Find Best Beyblade Store in New York

    Are you searching for the best Beyblade store in New York? Well, you have come to the right place. is one of the most reputed Beyblade stores in New York. We have the best quality products at the best price. So, don't spend your time looking for other stores, just visit us at This guide will help your Beyblade buying experience.

    1. Look for big online retailers

    Search for your Beyblade or bundle on Walmart, Ebay or Amazon. Prices on these sites usually are 10-15% higher because of the fee associated with selling on the platform. For this reason, most of these sellers also have their own website. 

    2. Find Beyblade seller websites

    FInd known and trusted websites like us and that have a track record of selling authentic Takara Tomy Beyblades or great price Metal Fusion Beyblades. Look for our Verified Authentic collection for authentic Takara Tomy Beyblades with fast U.S. shipping. Check out our Start Bundle collection for our best deals for an awesome beginner Beyblade experience.

    3. Choose your beyblades depending upon the age.

    Are you a younger or older Beyblader? We recommend Beybladers 12+ to try our Metal Fusion Beyblades. These are much faster and are more intense than Burst battles.

    4. Choose your beyblades according to your skill level.

    If you're new to Beyblading we recommend getting a starter set that includes the stadium, Beyblades and launchers. Find the best deals on starter sets here. This will save you about 25% when buying them separately.

    5. Choose your beyblades according to the style.

    Browse around to the different categories of Beyblades and see which ones you feel a connection toward.

    6. Choose your beyblades according to accessories.

    Find your favorite launchers and look Beys that match the style.

    7. Choose your beyblades according to the price.

    Find our lowest price beyblades here. Or look for our most expensive Beyblades here.

    8. Choose your beyblades according to the type.

    Pick between Metal Beys or Burst Beys.

    9. Choose your beyblades according to the size.

    See all our Beyblades and rank them accordingly. Burst Beyblades are larger than Metal ones. Metal Beyblades are faster than Burst.

    10. Choose your beyblades according to the appearance.

    Last but not least is the most intuitive way to pick a Beyblade. Look for one that calls out to you. Find the Bey that will make you Beyblade world champion!

    In the world of Beyblade, there is a lot to master. You need to know how to build the best Beyblade, which parts to use, and how to battle with Beyblades. However, there is also a lot to know about what makes a good Beyblade store. If you want to find a good Beyblade store and the perfect Beys for you, follow the guide above.

    The Definitive Beginners Guide to Buying Beyblades

    The Definitive Beginners Guide to Buying Beyblades

    Jumping into the world of Beyblades can be intimidating. There are hundreds of different options and accessories to choose from. This guide will simplify everything down and your first beyblade experience amazing and affordable.


    There are three things you need to get started with Beyblades:

    1. Two (or more) Beyblades
    2. One Stadium
    3. Two Launchers

    Basically, how it works is two players faceoff to see who's Beyblade can last the longest in the stadium.

    The video below shows an example of two Beyblades "battling" in a stadium:


    If this is your first time buying anything Beyblade related we recommend buying one of our highly affordable "Starter Bundles."

    This set includes everything you need for beginner Beyblader. This set will provide dozens of hours of exhilaration and even has enough Beyblades for a tournament. The one one stadium is required and acts as the arena, the two launchers provide a launching device so each player can spin their Beyblade and the 12 Beyblades allows different combinations of battles to keep the game interesting.



    Metal Beyblades were the original Beyblades where the Beyblades contain metal. The smaller size and increased weight causes more action and movement in the battles and is still hugely popular and the prefered Beyblades by many. These Beyblades run at cost generally 2-4x less than Burst Beyblades. The typical price is $4-$8 per Beyblade, $2-$10 per launcher. 

    Burst Beyblades are the new generation of Beyblades. These plastic toys that will 'burst' into the 3 original building components of the Beyblade if struck hard enough. The 'burst' factor makes the game exciting due to the unpredictable nature of it. Any Beyblade commercials you see on T.V. will likely be about Burst Beyblades. The typical price for Burst Beyblades is $15- $40 per Beyblade and $8-$20 per launcher.

    *** Launchers are NOT interchangeable for each system. A launcher for a metal Beyblade will NOT work with a Burst Beyblade and vice versa.

    *** Any stadium can be used for Metal or Burst Beyblades

    *** Can I buy Metal to play against Burst?

    • Generally the answer is no. Metal battles are fun because the metal clashing on metal causes an exciting dynamic and Burst battles are fun because the 'bursting' mechanic. Collection both to see the differences in battle intensity is something we highly recommended but we do not recommend pitting Metal vs. Burst.

     With this you're ready to start rocking! Get your Beyblades and enjoy an ancient legacy reborn with speed and technology!

    Checkout our website for the best deals online for Beyblades.

    2021: The Top 5 Takara Tomy Beyblade Toys of All Time

    2021: The Top 5 Takara Tomy Beyblade Toys of All Time

    Every year top Beyblades get knocked down and up-incoming or tried and true Beyblades step up. Here are the top Takara Tomy Beyblades (burst) ranked according to their win rate. This list is made according to the Beyblades performance (knock out ability, stamina, attack, defence, etc), design and functionality characteristics.

    1. Helios Volcano Ou Zone'+Z [B-174]

    Helios Volcano Ou is a balanced type Attack type Beyblade that was released as part of the Burst System. It evolves from King Helios, appearing in Burst System Starter Packs. The highest version of this Beyblade is Helios Volcano Ou Origin Hazard.


    2. Glide Ragnaruk Wheel Revolve 1S [B-161]

    Glide Ragnaruk Wheel Revolve 1S is a secondary evolution of Ragnaro's Beyblade. The two major differences between the two are its cutting power and combo potential (ambush monster). Coupling this Burst System variant with Giga-Never can give any player that extra edge in battle against their opponent.

    3. Hyperion Burn Cho Xceed'+X [B-174]

    Hyperion Burn Cho Xceed'+X is a close range attack type bey that evolves from the previous edition of itself. It was released by Takara Tomy in Japan on November 14th, 2020 for 7480 yen and is part of the Burst and Superking Layer types and has great performance and this is thanks to its Triple Generation Upper Attack Ring; Burn, which leads to its hard spike tips gaining more power thanks to the amazing balance.

    4. Screw Trident [BG-08]

    Screw Trident features three large blades. When paired with the Layer below it, Scre Trident creates an overall triangular shape. When struck by an opposing Layer, this feature is heightened, causing Bind Defense.

    5. Master Diabolos Generate [B-155]

    Master Diabolos Generate is an excellent specimen. Known for its exceptional tracking ability and power, it’s no surprise that it was dubbed Commander by fans. It packs all the power you want in your top tier fusion wheel while having great stamina through its superbly-balanced attack/defense capabilities. Although this Beyblade has since received beys with better stamina and attack potential out there, you should still get yourself this masterpiece if you just can't seem to find any other worthy fusions that don’t possess outrageous prices. Master Diabolos Generate also makes for fantastic battlers if you're looking to spice up your collection!


    And there you have it. The top 5 Burst Beyblades of 2021! Check out our Verified Authentic collection for awesome Beys including some in this article! 



    What is the History of Beyblade and How Did it Come to Life?

    What is the History of Beyblade and How Did it Come to Life?

    Beyblades are a revolutionary new type of top toy. Imagine spinning a top and having it stick around for a little bit longer - that's the most basic capabilities of a Beyblade! First developed in Japan, these high performance tops have evolved over time with technology and strategy freely flowing across borders, meeting up in competitions and tournaments worldwide where skilled players battle it out to bring home the trophy: first place!

    Beyblades first appeared on the market in 1999, first released by Takara, the Japanese company who developed them after always playing with spinning tops as a child. The owner of Takara used many different types of evolving tops to come up with a spinning top that had a unique mechanism inside that allowed it to spin correctly and then transform into a quad blade consisted of 3-4 pieces rather than just one. Since they were fun to play with and threw well in an open space, sales were better than expected for this new type of toy.

    Beyblade burst anatomy

    Both the toys and their names were inspired by beigoma, a traditional spinning top. The toy line was introduced with an accompanying manga series of the same name in 1999. In 2002, Hasbro began to sell Beyblade toys internationally (under license from Takara) along with a coordinated country-by-country release of localized versions of the TV series. In August 2008, Takara Tomy released Metal Fight Beyblade; the first incarnation of the toy in three and a half years. A third incarnation, titled Beyblade Burst was released by Takara Tomy in July 2015.


    Shop for some of the most popular Beyblades on our website. Also check out our Starter Sets to give a beginner Beyblader everything they need to become a future Beyblade champion!


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