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Beyblade Tricks Every Player Must Know!

Beyblade Tricks Every Player Must Know!

Beyblade is one of the most famous Japanese spinning toy games. This spinning toy was inspired from a popular anime series, ‘Beyblade’ by Japanese company named Takara in 1999. To Beyblade beginners, this game may seem like a matter of chance about two spinning tops. Wrong! This is not a game of luck. You need to use the best of tricks and strategies along with good luck to improve your success streak with Beyblade metal fury toys.


Some Basics of Beyblade:


If you are new in the game of Beyblade metal fury Beybladesyou must know this. Beyblade is also called ‘Bey’- it is a small top that consists of the 5 parts, consisting of both metal and plastic, which combine to form a Beyblade top. The blades of Beyblades can be changed to change the attack form for the opponent. The more blades you collect, the more you can use it to personalize your ideal Beyblade. The game of Beyblades has been famous for over a decade now. There are even Beyblade tournaments worldwide.


Beyblade game is played by launching the top with the special launchers on the stadium. In this stadium, the two spinning tops compete with each other. When one of the Beyblade top stops the other from spinning or throws it out of the stadium, it is considered the winner. Not just that, if the spinning top can break the other opponent’s top into at least 3 pieces or more, they earn extra points.


There are 4 different kinds of Beyblades:


  • Stamina: 


As the name suggests, this Beyblade is determined to beat its opponent in the stadium. It can easily defeat the defense Beyblades as it has more power.


  • Defense:


This Beyblade works on the defense mechanism concept. They are slow but do a good work, defending their team in most cases.


  • Attack:


If you want to simply attack your opponent, then this Beyblade is for you. They start very aggressively and may take a few hits but not back off. They are especially very effective against stamina Beyblades.


  • Balance:


This Beyblade combines all the above-mentioned Beyblade- stamina, defense, and attack. It is a multipurpose Beyblade that can come in handy and leave your opponent surprised.


Quick Tips:


  • If you are a newbie Beyblader, you should first read the instructions on how to use the Beyblade. You will understand the attack types of the Beyblade better that work better for a particular game.


  • Observe your opponent's strategy and the kind of attack they choose in every round. Once you understand their style, you will be able to plan your attack better.



Beyblade is a really fun indoor game. It is a perfect blend of excitement and creativity. So, get the best pieces of Beyblades from ‘buybeyblades today. 


What do you think about Beyblades? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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