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Thank you for your support and purchase of our Beyblade products. 
After this short segment, you will be well equipped to handle any situation that may occur.

These toys are meant to crash and bang against each other and there are instances that the product will break after repeated use. If you receive a defective or broken product, you are eligible for a replacement. We stand by our products and our replacement and refund policies have been created with your customer experience in mind (see below).



Q: My blue string launcher snapped! What gives?

A: The blue string launcher is great because the rip cord is built into the launcher already. However, the drawback is that you should not pull it to full extension or the string mechanism inside will break.


Q: My L/R launcher doesn't pull. Is it broken?

A: Make sure that you have the cap locked in place. If the cap is not on, neither side (left or right) will spin.


Q: My Beyblade grip doesn't hold my launcher in place. Is it broken?

A: On the Beyblade grip, there is a latch that holds the launcher in place. Please do not pull to full extension on your string launcher or it will tear the latch and the grip will be rendered useless.


Q: The face bolt isn't screwing into the Beyblade. Why?

A: If the face bolt doesn't fit the Beyblade, try using another face bolt. We replace all defective items completely free of charge and you do not need to ship anything back to us.


Q: My Beyblade broke within 30 days of play. Can it be replaced?

A: As long as you follow our guidelines, you will enjoy hours of fun. If your Beyblade breaks or you would like to return your product for any reason, simply send us a message with the contact form below with any and all of your concerns - We'll make it right.



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