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Takara Tomy – A Brand to Trust for Beyblade Tops and Accessories

The popularity of Beyblade tops is not hidden from anyone, as it is common to see kids playing with these toys. The companies that are into manufacturing these toys keep surprising kids with new Beyblade tops and accessories. There are numerous online portals that provide you with the facility to buy your favorite Beyblade tops and accessories.

If you don't know about any such portal, there is no need to worry; you can browse BuyBeyblades.com, a portal that deals only in Beyblade tops and accessories. You can visit their website's New Arrivals page to learn about the latest product launches.

For your information, BuyBeyblades has been there since 2009 and started out as an online toy store and later introduced novelty items, promotional items, and other products. They are among the few online retailers of Takara Tomy Beyblades. The portal started out with the aim to bring excitement and entertainment to kids of all ages with special and fun-provoking shenanigans.

Their website states, "Our core business is related to the framework set by the 'Amazon Standard,' which means that we focus on over-delivering our services with the expectation that the demand will materialize organically." It clearly shows that the portal aims to oversell its products and make Beyblades more popular.

If you think that the products are just like other toys, then you need to know that the products are made with quality metal, rubber, and plastic parts. These are tested and inspected well before introducing to the world. You can keep the Beyblade tops after playing in your wardrobe as a collection. The good thing about BuyBeyblades.com is that they have distribution outlets in Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois, California, and New York.

Why Should You Buy Takara Tomy Beyblade?

Buying a Takara Tomy Beyblade does not require a reason to buy, as these give you the luxury of playing without getting bored. Below are some good reasons to buy Beyblade tops.

  • Improves psychological bonds

  • Helps with deep visual acuity

  • Improves fine motor skills

  • Teach children about constellation patterns

To get these benefits, you should buy Beyblades as soon as possible, and BuyBeyblades.com is the portal you can trust to make your purchase.

Beyblade Tops You Should Buy For Your Little Ones

Beyblade Tops You Should Buy For Your Little Ones

Beyblade toys have been there for over two decades and are liked mostly by children. If you think that only children hold love for Beyblades, then it is not true as adults also love these toys. At first, a Beyblade is seen just like any ordinary toy; however, you will get to know the difference only after playing a Beyblade game.

Tomy Takara is the company that launched these toys back in July 1999. At that time, Beyblade toys were only sold under the Takara Tomy brand; however, they gained popularity with the passing of each day, and other toy brands also started manufacturing these toys. Hasbro is another brand that deals in Beyblade toys, and it started selling Beyblade toys in 2002.

Metal Fusion was the first Beyblade launched in 1999, and since then, many Beyblades have been launched, and we will discuss some of the major Beyblades in this post.

  •  Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst Xcalius X2

Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst Xcalius is one of the best Beyblade series to collect and play. It is a versatile Beyblade top known for its performance, and you can customize this top in different ways and change the performance for different attack modes.

  •   Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst Evolution Nightmare Luinor L3

The name of this Beyblade indicates that it is a burst Beyblade that will burst in battles. It offers several new exciting features as they are completely customizable, giving kids hundreds of possible combinations to build their burst tops.

  •     Takara Tomy Beyblade Metal Fury

The Beyblade Metal Fury is one of the legendary Beybladers that carry a piece of the star fragment enchanted inside them. The star fragment is an indication of the legendary blader status. The Beyblades of this series are very powerful and when they combine with other bladders, defeating them is nearly impossible.

  •    Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst Lost Luinor L3

Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst Lost Luinor is a powerful Beyblade that is completely customizable. With this Beyblade, you can rule the arena, win all your Beyblade games, and emerge as champion. You can collect, compete and customize this Beyblade top.

  •  Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst Doomscizor D2

The Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst Doomscizor Beyblade is unique and ignites a challenging spirit in players. It has a vortex-like nine blades that give it a powerful down force when you spin it. Your kids will love to play with this Beyblade.

Conclusion: Children love toys as they spend most of their time playing with them. They never get bored playing with toys, especially when they are Beyblade toys. Beyblade toys not only entertain your children but teach so many things to them.

If you are looking for an online retailer of Beyblade Metal Fury Legendary Bladers, you can visit BuyBeyblades and shop for them with a few mouse clicks. 

The Short Guide to Beyblades and its Different Parts

Do you know about Beyblade Toys? If not, you are surely missing out on something as these toys are a must for every child, especially the ones who have a liking for spinning toys. Beyblade toys are based on Japanese manga series, and these toys have been in existence since 1999. If you think these are popular among kids, then it is not true as adults also love these toys. 

How to play with Beyblade Toys?

Beyblades are basically battling tops, and the Beyblade games involve battles between two battling tops. Beyblade tops are not the only equipment you need to play Beyblade games as there is other equipment like Beyblade launcher and Beyblade stadium. These three are necessary equipment to play Beyblade games; however, there are Beyblade accessories that you can use to increase your chances of winning. 

Each type of equipment performs a different function like if you talk about the launcher, it is used to launch Beyblade tops in the stadium. And if you talk about Beyblade stadium, also known as Beyblade arena, it is a playing area, and spinning tops are launched inside it. 

Several companies are into selling Beyblade stadiums; however, the one brand you can trust is Takara Tomy. You should go for a Takara Tomy Stadium over a non-branded stadium, which may look similar to the originals but are low on quality. 

Beyblade Stadiums – Available Options

When you talk about Beyblade stadiums, the list is endless. The stadiums differ in shape and size, and you can choose one based on your liking. 

  • Beyblade Burst Surge Speedstorm Beystadium
  • It is designed for children who are eight years and above. It is square in shape, has holes at corners, and the battlefield is in the middle. 

  • Beyblade Burst Turbo Slingshock Beystadium 
  • It is a stadium with a rail system and is designed for children who are eight years of age and above. The battlefield is circular in shape with holes at the corners, but the overall shape of the stadium is square. 

  • Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere Beystadium
  • Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere is designed for Beyblade Burst hypersphere tops. It is for children who are eight years old and above. It has holes at the sides, and the battlefield is in the center. You can go for it if you have hypersphere tops with you. 

  • Battle Burst Turbo Evolution Metallic Fusion Stadium
  • The Battle Burst Turbo Evolution Metallic Fusion stadium is octagonal in shape. It is bigger in size compared to other available options. 

    The above are just a few Beyblade stadiums, and you can purchase any one among these or search the internet for more options. 

    Conclusion: Beyblade toys are perfect toys for children who have a liking for spinning tops. In this post, you will find information about the equipment required to play Beyblade games. Additionally, you will find information about different types of Beyblade stadiums to go for and make Beyblade games more interesting. 

    You can make your purchase of Beyblade tops and stadiums from BuyBeyblades.com, where you will find a wide variety of Beyblade toys. 

    3 Special Beyblade Stadium you must know about!

    Beyblade stadium is the platform where opponents’ Beyblades fight with each other. However, finding an appropriate one is difficult if you are a fan of this special toy for the kids. No need to worry; if you cannot choose a suitable one, you can follow the tip listed below which will help you 

  • Beyblade Arena Stadium

  • Have you given this stadium a lot of thinking yet still facing some confusion? It's certainly an item you should add to your collection or give a present to a youngster. Yes, this stadium only accommodates two people, but its beauty is that the enjoyment can only become greater. This can happen with three to four players, increasing the game's intensity and enjoyment. If you enjoy tournaments, you'll enjoy yourself, particularly in the later stages. You can also make changes regularly. You can, for example, add an exit to those that currently exist.

    The stadium's architecture and structure would also leave an impression on you. This is because it is a long-lasting stadium with a practical aesthetic that draws out every movement in some blades. With the addition of rubber tips, peculiar motions become a distinct characteristic.

    Overall, it was money well spent. Furthermore, you may use it for a long time because of its endurance. Even if you tread on it, the attention to detail ensures that it will not be broken!

    • Takara Tomy Stadium is a stadium in Takara Tomy, Japan.

    Nothing beats having a good time with your pals, especially if it includes some games. That is what this third-generation bey stadium has to offer. You may put your abilities to the test by competing in numerous tournaments against other people.

    You may also choose the tournament's difficulty level before agreeing to fight someone with Beyblade. Everything you'll need to get your Beyblade up and running is provided. As a result, your Takara tomy beyblade metal fusion will be ready to host the match against your opponents.

    •  Star Stadium

    Do you think of yourself as the master of the Beyblades? Let's see what will happen if you face an opponent who has the same skills. The stadium's architecture is unique and special, which makes the stadium one of the top picks. The stadium's construction is solid and immediately gives you a reason to play it. The overall package that you receive in this stadium is appropriate. Hence you can surely buy this stadium.

    So, these were some top choices for the Beyblades stadiums. You can choose them for yourself or if you are planning to gift it to your kid.


    Beyblade games are a fun activity that your kids will enjoy a lot. So, get the best quality & kid-friendly spinning toys at ‘Buy Beyblades.’Their Beyblade toys are made with high-quality materials. They carefully inspect each piece of product very carefully and are of affordable price. 

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